Pediatric Pain Clinic App

How might we support teens in learning how to cope and manage their chronic pain when they come to Mayo Clinic and when they go home?

Final designs done by Take the Wind

Mayo Clinic - Center for Innovation

January 2014 - December 2014

Lead Service Designer / Design researcher
UX/UI Designer
Product Owner / Vendor relations
Managed Design Intern


Patient / Parent / Clinical interviews
Workshop facilitation
User testing
Patient / Provider observations
System mapping
Site mapping
Synthesis presentation
Secondary research / literature review

We created iOS app available in itunes for download. We piloted an online support community for teens.


Teens travel from far and wide to come to the Mayo Clinic for an intensive one-day of appointments to get a diagnosis for their chronic pain. Many teens don’t get an answer or cure to their underlying pain. They are given recommendations to follow but no tools for how to carry out those recommendations.  


“This is my childhood, pain since 8, this is not what you’re supposed to talk about when you get older, people tell their kids about all the fun they had…not me, this is my childhood.”

- Patient



We conducted user testing of our prototype with kids in the rehabilitation program, presented the concept to the parent group and conducted online usability testing. I identified a vendor to develop our app and managed the requirements, tested releases and helped navigate how to get the app into iTunes.

Home Page Final Designs done by Take the Wind

Goal Final Designs done by Take the Wind

Goal Final Designs done by Take the Wind

Inspiration Final Designs done by Take the Wind


A pediatric pain psychologist and pediatric pain anesthesiologist came to us with the idea for an app to help kids who came for the two-day pain clinic but can’t stay for the 8 week rehabilitation program. We interviewed key stakeholders and observed 47 hours in the pediatric pain clinic and rehabilitation program. We facilitated workshops with the team to identify workflow and current barriers. Our team identified clinical system and procedure issues that needed to be addressed from the whole pediatric pain clinic. The team met weekly to tackle issues of lack of knowledge from referring provider, 50% no show rate and a lack of standardization across appointments. 

Based on observational insights and education needs, I developed a sitemap and wireframes for a patient facing app. Our ideal solution was a tool for the patient, parent and provider, however with budget and time constraints we focused solely on patient facing app. I mentored my design intern in creating multiple UI designs for a patient app.

Workshop with Pediatric Pain Clinic

Workshop with Pediatric Pain Clinic

Care team presenting back ideal patient experience

Care team presenting back ideal patient experience