Net Promoter Score (NPS) Strategy

How can we use data to more frequently understand and impact our members’ experience? 

Harken Health

January - April 2017

Lead Service Designer / Design Strategist

Metric identification
Stakeholder interviews
Presentation to CEO

The capture of monthly metrics was implemented within the Call Center and further roll out was in process.  


  1. We need a process to prioritize where to focus. There were many points in our experience that we could improve. However, we had limited resourcing and budget and needed to know where to focus our efforts that would have the biggest impact on our Member’s satisfaction.

  2. We need to understand our entire experience at a glance. We only received NPS results every 9-12 months. The feedback in the survey came too late for us to make meaningful and rapid change. We needed to assess our Member’s experience on a monthly basis to catch issues before they became large problems.



The final deck was presented to leadership and accepted as our framework for going forward. I identified where in our member journey we needed to deliver an exceptional experience and where we could be just as good as competitors. I mapped where we were currently deficient in meeting our member’s expectations and our experience goals. This view allowed us to think more strategically about where to spend capital funding and where to focus our time and effort without losing sight of the overall structure. 

Overview of member experience, experience quality reading of where we currently are and where we need to be, NPS mapping and functional areas impacted in each phase

Metrics that correlate to member experience journey phase, functional owner, metric goal and current months result



I took on the responsibility to have a systematic view over our entire member experience from when they shop for health insurance, to when they use our primary care centers, to when they decide to re-enroll. I wanted to have a bird's eye view while being able to drill down on specific needs. I tied together our values, our functional areas management objectives metrics (MBOs), business goals, and experience goals into an overarching strategy to lead the direction of the company. My process followed diverging and converging thinking, stakeholder interviews, co-creation with team members and storytelling.

STEP 1: Started with mapping out our values and mission

STEP 3: Connected our values to business differentiation to NPS factors

STEP 5: Mapped out our member journey and service ecology

STEP 7: Graphed how members ranked our NPS factors based on whether or not they had an appointment at a Harken Health Center. If a member came into a Center they ranked us better on all aspects of insurance and care (red dots)

STEP 2: Then mapped out how our values align to our different experiences

STEP 4: Storyboarded our value differeniation

STEP 6: Mapped where on our member journey we need to be remarkable versus meet expectations

STEP 8: Mapped out all the phases of our member experience with they type of experience we want to deliver, then mapped metrics that would indicate if we are delivering on that experience, walked functional area leads through to agree on metrics, turned into final deck of excel of metrics to capture